Brendan Saunders Named the New Athletic Director

Brendan Saunders Named the New Athletic Director
Posted on 06/05/2020

Lifelong Old Saybrook Resident and Longtime Old Saybrook Teacher Brendan Saunders Hired as the New Rams’ Athletic Director. 

 After an extensive interview process, Old Saybrook Public Schools is proud to announce Brendan Saunders as the District’s new Athletic Director. Mr. Saunders currently serves as the health and physical education representative on the District’s Instructional Leadership Team and he has been a teacher in Old Saybrook since 2002, but before that, he was a Ram himself and has lived in Old Saybrook for his entire life. 

According to Mr. Saunders, “I grew up in this town. I played football, baseball, and indoor track here. I love Old Saybrook and this community has been good to me. This job is an opportunity for me to give back to my town, and move our athletics and extracurriculars forward for the betterment of our students and our community.” 

Mr. Saunders talked about his desire to use athletics and extracurriculars as a bridge for students as they transition from grade-to-grade and from school-to-school. “I want our high school coaches to build relationships with our middle school athletes. This will allow our incoming freshmen to be better prepared for the next level of competition, and give them some vital connections to the high school before the school year even begins.” 

Mr. Saunders also discussed his desire to expand upon the District’s goal of 100% student participation in sports or extracurriculars. “I want to reach out to the students who are not yet involved and try to figure out either what would motivate them to join a particular team or determine what their interests are that we are not currently offering.” 

 Despite taking on this new role at a logistically challenging time, given the issues created by the current pandemic, Mr. Saunders remains optimistic and feels that this might actually be an opportune time for him to transition. “One advantage that I have is that I was not involved with how things were done before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything so I don’t have to work to adapt to what was. My new normal will be whatever is needed for our students. I am really excited to get started.”