Rep. Carney Supports Locally Grown Food

Rep. Carney Supports Locally Grown Food
Posted on 10/15/2019
Rep. Carney Supports Locally Grown Food

OLD SAYBROOK – State Representative Devin Carney (R-23) joined the Superintendent of Schools Jan Perruccio, Food Service Director Maureen Nuzzo and others to promote National Farm to School Month and “Connecticut Grown for Connecticut Kids Week” by encouraging students from Old Saybrook High School to enjoy more locally grown food starting with items provided within their own cafeteria.

The 10th anniversary of the week-long event celebrates local agriculture by incorporating items grown nearby into dishes served at the school’s cafeteria. On Thursday, the locally grown items students were able to enjoy included General Tso’s chicken and rice made with local vegetables.

“It was wonderful to see Old Saybrook as a leader in providing healthy, locally sourced options to our students,” Rep. Carney said. “Using products from nearby farms is both good because it helps preserve our local agricultural economy and it gives young people natural, nutritious food that helps get them through the busy school day. I am a strong supporter of the Farm to School program and was thrilled to see it in action.”

“We are proud of the ten years we have been involved in this Farm to School program and are happy to continue our relationship with the program,” Perruccio said.” We are supporting our local farmers and providing excellent quality food to our students. I am so pleased that Mrs. Nuzzo and her staff are dedicated to this effort.”

“Working with Local Farms and manufacturers provides students with the understanding of where their food is grown, raised and produced, Nuzzo said. “Our Farm to School and Put Local on Your Tray programs increase student awareness that there are many farms in our town, neighboring towns and the State of Connecticut that they may otherwise have not been aware of, and our partnership with Farmers and local vendors also supports our local economy and the commitment of our federal program to purchase domestically.”

The cafeteria included an apple station where students could sample various Cortland, McIntosh, Gala, and others from more than ten locally grown orchards. The event also held the HardCORE apple challenge, a contest to see who could eat their apples as close to the core as possible.

~ Story by Jason Pheasant, Press Secretary for the House Republican Office